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NFL player gets penalized after kneeling in Muslim prayer

NFL officiating guru Mike Pereira once said he’d never throw a flag on a player who knelt in the end zone in prayer because he “didn’t want to get struck by lightning.” That same belief wasn’t shared by the crew working Monday night’s Chiefs-Patriots game.  In a move that is sure to generate some discussion, Husain Abdullah of the Chiefs was flagged 15 yards after kneeling in the end zone in Muslim prayer after scoring a touchdown off an interception of Tom Brady. Continue reading

AEG asks for more time to lure pro football team back to Los Angeles

By Eric M. Johnson By Eric M. Johnson (Reuters) – Developer Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) asked Los Angeles on Monday to give it more time to lure a pro football team back to the city and start building a $1.2 billion stadium downtown. Continue reading

Hong Kong leader says Beijing won’t back down

By ELAINE KURTENBACH HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s leader said China won’t back down from its decision to limit voting reforms in the Asian financial hub as pro-democracy protesters set a Wednesday deadline for a response from the government to meet their demands. The unequivocal statement from Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying on Tuesday dashed hopes that the standoff between demonstrators and authorities could be resolved quickly through negotiations. Continue reading

Secret Service head faces questions on WH breach

By ALICIA A. CALDWELL and JOSH LEDERMAN WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is scheduled to answer lawmakers’ questions about an embarrassing White House security breach Continue reading

New tremors raise concern at Japan’s Mount Ontake

By EMILY WANG KISO, Japan (AP) — Increased seismic activity raised concern Tuesday about the possibility of another eruption at a Japanese volcano where 36 people were killed, forcing rescuers to suspend plans to try to recover at least two dozen bodies still near the summit. Volcanic tremors rose to a level not seen since Saturday evening, hours after Mount Ontake’s initial large eruption, said Shoji Saito of the Japan Meteorological Agency Continue reading

Electric Rates Soar in ‘Stranded’ New England

Bargain-basement natural gas prices are sending New England’s electricity bills through the roof – and House Republicans warn it’s an omen of worse to come nationwide. Last week, barely half a year after the polar vortex sent frigid weather swirling across much of the country, utility National Grid announced that rates in New England would leap by 37 percent, ratcheting up a household’s average bill by about $33 a month over last year. The reason: gas prices are way down, and as a result, demand is way up – but the region’s two major natural gas pipelines are already practically filled to the brim, constricting supply and sending already-elevated rates ever higher Continue reading

China Vs. Hong Kong’s Press

Hong Kong has free speech and economic rights the rest of China is denied, but those may but cut off by the Chinese Communist Party, which wants to silence the citizens of the autonomous city – both rich and poor – who are marching to demand more democracy. China spends fortunes censoring the press and Internet access, but since joining the nation in 1997 after more than a century as a British colony, the city was granted a bill of rights and promised autonomy except for matters of defense and diplomacy. In recent days, Hong Kong citizens have protested for direct control of elections for the leader of their city in 2017 without interference from Beijing, which wants to approve candidates ahead of the vote. Continue reading

Argentina held in contempt in debt case

By Joseph Ax and Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) – Argentina is in contempt of court, a U.S. judge ruled on Monday, the latest step in a years-old case brought by the U.S. hedge funds over defaulted debt. Continue reading

Syria backs global fight against IS

By Michelle Nichols and Louis Charbonneau By Michelle Nichols and Louis Charbonneau UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Syria stands with a worldwide effort to combat Islamic State, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Monday, in a statement to the United Nations that appeared to give tacit approval of U.S. and Arab air strikes in Syria targeting the militants. Continue reading

Morgan faulted for not wearing seatbelt restraint during accident

On Monday, Walmart delivered its answer in a New Jersey federal court to 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan’s lawsuit arising from a six-car accident on the New Jersey turnpike. Among nine affirmative defenses, Walmart says that injuries “were caused, in whole or in part, by plaintiffs’ failure to properly wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device.” Morgan was among several people injured who are now suing Walmart for negligence. Continue reading